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Bloor Research Report on eIQnetworks

August 26, 2009

Recently Bloor Research published an InDetail report on SecureVue, eIQ’s SIEM/Security and Compliance Management Product.

You can download the free, 11 page report from IT-Director:

But since we have your attention now, let us take a moment here to brag, I mean *share*, some of the findings according to Bloor Research [emphasis ours]…
 “SecureVue has a number of advantages over its competitors and we regard it as a must-see product.
 “A major advantage of SecureVue, based on the different types of data it tracks, is that you can follow the track of a cyber attack from a single location.
“eIQ’s key message is that “log data is not enough”. This is because hackers can disable log recording. eIQ records, monitors and correlates (with a single data model) the widest range of relevant information of any vendor in the market. This means that you can analyze breaches or attacks from a single viewpoint rather than having to use multiple tools.”
…this makes SecureVue the most complete product in the SIEM market in terms of its breadth of data collection capabilities.

Ok, that’s enough sharing for now.  You can access the full report on the IT-Director site to get the in depth report and evaluation of SecureVue:

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