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ReadySpace Selects eIQ to Drive Managed Security Service

October 21, 2009

Yesterday, eIQ announced that ReadySpace, a global services provider headquartered in Singapore, has selected eIQ SecureVue as the basis for a new set of managed security services focusing on real-time security posture and compliance automation. ReadySpace’s head of managed services, David Loke, had this to say about SecureVue:

“During our evaluation in a controlled environment, ReadySpace found that eIQnetworks solutions identified, within 3-Clicks, thousands of different attacks on our servers which had subsequently been infected by viruses that other security products would have completely missed. SecureVue, with 2 more Clicks then reported the extent of the infection, successfully identifying that our servers had become the attackers,” said David Loke, head of managed services at ReadySpace. “We agree that log data is not enough to manage the security for our hosted customers, which include well-known brands such as eBay and Singapore Airlines. There is a need to look at and consistently correlate far more information to provide managed service customers with complete visibility. eIQnetworks’ SecureVue provides exactly that.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Our competitive win over other SIEM and log management vendors at ReadySpace really highlights the power of using SecureVue in a managed services model. MSSPs can start with a simple security monitoring service and layer on additional services (like compliance reporting, correlation, performance management, and network behavioral analysis) for an increased price. The cost of the SecureVue platform is covered by the first service sold and the rest is PURE PROFIT. It’s a very powerful model for service providers looking to broaden their service offerings to customers.

We are pleased that ReadySpace has joined the eIQ family and are looking forward to working with them to solve their customer’s joint security and compliance problems.

You can check out the full release here.

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