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McAfee FOCUS: “Cryptology, Digital Futures and a Commander-In-Chief”

October 11, 2010
It could be a plot summary for the latest Dan Brown thriller – but it’s not.  It is, in actual fact, just some of the attractions at this year’s McAfee #FOCUS10  Security Conference in Las Vegas.

This year’s featured keynote speaker is former U.S. President Bill Clinton.  For many of you, this might be a stretch — after all, politicians are not known for their technical savvy – but it’s not as far fetched as you might think.  Not only was Bill Clinton President during the period that saw the mass adoption of the Internet as we know it today, but his privilege as Commander-in-Chief yields a unique perspective into both physical and virtual threats to the nation’s [and arguably the world’s] security.  I would also argue that his role as President enables him to offer an insight for the modern enterprise CISO: developing contingencies for increasing and ever-changing risks; collecting and analyzing threat data across a large, distributed enterprise; and building teams of knowledgable professionals to deal with it all.

While the former President’s keynote will undoubtedly get top billing, we’re also looking forward to presentations from some of the pre-eminent McAfee security experts.  A couple that caught our eye are:

  • The McAfee Vision for Securing the Digital Future, presented by Worldwide CTO and Executive Vice President, George Kurtz
  • The Global Threat Intelligence Difference, presented by Mike Gallagher – McAfee’s SVP and CTO – Global Threat Intelligence

We’ll be tweeting live from both sessions at so look out for our updates.

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