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Rudolph the red-faced CISO

December 21, 2010

Dear Santa,

I’ve been a good CISO this year [well, there haven’t been any MAJOR breaches].  I bought all of the tools I thought I needed to keep our network protected against an evolving array of malicious cyber and internal attacks.    Generally, they have worked well.

When I say ‘generally’ there were a couple of times that our network was breached, but I don’t think that we lost any data… nothing bad has happened yet.  We can keep that between the two of us, can’t we Santa?  No need to worry our compliance team, right?  If I’m being honest, there was also that Stuxnet attack – but nobody ever sees those tykes coming, do they?  I’m still not even sure what really happened… but with attacks like that you don’t, right?!

If you feel like stopping by on Christmas eve Santa, I could use a way to collect data from every corner of my network, in all data formats and give me a way to correlate it all.  I have such a large amount of data on multiple point systems… it’s simply not been possible to capture it all in one place with the tools we use.  It’d be great to have the ability to see if something that looks suspicious is something I should really be worrying about, or whether I can go back to sleep.

If there was something we needed to take action on then it’d great to be able to understand how and where it started, and how it was spreading, so that we could take preventative action I’d really appreciate it if it could be your Christmas gift to me.  Your elves are talented guys, right Santa?  Surely they can come up with SOMETHING to help?

Thanks and have a safe and secure 2011 Santa,

Best wishes,


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