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Correlation across the nation

April 7, 2011

Enterprises have some of the most sophisticated security platforms ever to help protect their most valuable assets yet hardly a day goes past without news of another serious cyber attack on a major corporation. It’s true that the threat posed to commercial enterprises and government agencies by advanced persistent cyber threats are at an all-time high, but why are so many organizations unable to prevent damaging, costly and time consuming breaches?

We don’t believethat it is because there’s anything fundamentally wrong with the technology – but that advanced, persistent, multi-modal threats, like Stuxnet, require

a fundamental shift in the way that data from point systems is used. Identifying and preventing bad things from happening to large, distributed networks requires data correlation on a scale previously unimaginable.  Correlation also helps answers two key questions – where did the breach begin and what is the target.

Only once these questions have been answered can attacks be tackled and critical vulnerabilities be addressed.

We’re hosting a couple of events looking at some of the issues posed by the new breed of Advanced Persistent Threats and how some companies are protecting their businesses against them.

These are events not to be missed for any Chief Information Security Officer – places are limited so make sure you secure your place today.

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