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Call of Duty – Transparent Disclosure [Part 3] | Mission Modern [Cyber] Warfare

May 4, 2011

News that Sony has called in two forensic IT investigation firms to help it to figure out how it’s PlayStation and Online Entertainment networks suggests that the company still has no real idea how it’s network was breached.  Sony has described the attack as, ‘very carefully planned, very professional, highly sophisticated criminal cyber attack designed to steal personal and credit card information for illegal purposes.’  Sounds like one of those Advanced Persistent Threats [APTs] again, doesn’t it?

I predicted at the start of the year that Stuxnet would be commercialized; I wonder…

It also transpires that Sony has admitted that it waited two days to contact the FBI – and a further five before it met with the Bureau.  The admission came in a letter sent to a US House of Representatives subcommittee in response to questions over how Sony was protecting consumer information – seven days is a long time in cyberspace, where reputations are built – and destroyed.

The bottom line is that until the experts have figured out what happened – as best they can – Sony cannot be sure it has done everything possible to secure its networks against further attack.  Had it been able to capture, correlate and report on the security data in its network in real time, including while the attack was still taking place, it may have been able to identify the source, modus operandi and target of the breach take action to stop it and limit the damage, to both its network and reputation, done.

Is there anybody that still thinks that the threat posed by cyber attackers is overhyped?

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