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No Man — or Vendor – Is An Island

May 26, 2011

Much as with pictures, every security vendor tells a story.  For some vendors, the story is, “we can provide you with every security technology you’ll ever need”.  Unfortunately, in most of those cases, their definition of “every security technology you need” probably has some significant gaps in the type of security data they can monitor, or the security controls they can enforce.  And usually, many of those “security technologies” are the result of merger and acquisition activity, with a hodge-podge of applications and tools — some of which may work together, others that may not – placed under a single marketing umbrella.  As we all know, marketing is many things… but security isn’t one of them.

On the other end of the spectrum are vendors who recognize that their technologies and products fill specific niches in the world of information security (sometimes one niche, other times many), but that neither they — nor anyone else – can really do it all.  These vendors recognize that they’re part of an ecosystem that includes incumbent technologies within their customers’ enterprise, as well as specialized vendors who focus on one particular aspect of security.  These vendors understand that the concept of “playing nice with others” is not just some altruistic goal, but the only effective way of supporting their customers.

Fortunately, eIQnetworks and McAfee share the latter vision.  At RSA 2009, I was privileged to hear Dave DeWalt, President of McAfee, talk about an “ecosystem of vendors, united by the common goal of better security.”  in his keynote address.  This phrase struck home for me, partially because (as a long-time CISO) I know that from a customer’s perspective it’s the “right way to do things”, but also because it was the first time I had ever heard a major software executive put forth a realistic assessment of how vendors have to work together to help customers achieve their goals of security and compliance.

For several years now, eIQnetworks has been part of McAfee Security Innovation Alliance (SIA) program, which gives us direct access to McAfee product engineers, visibility into the McAfee product roadmap, and a bi-directional channel for direct feedback.  The value of that relationship is that, for existing McAfee customers, eIQnetworks can seamlessly integrate with their McAfee products, including end point technologies, mobile and network security products, and even McAfee’s own security management console (ePolicy Orchestrator, or ePO for short).  Similarly, McAfee customers can leverage SecureVue’s complementary capabilities — including providing additional intelligence and true situational awareness to data collected from McAfee products – directly to the ePO console.

Recently, eIQ and McAfee hosted a webinar on this close inter-relationship, along with our reseller partner Immix Group.  You can check out the video (delivered via Adobe Connect) here.

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