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Mobile Military, Mobile Businesses

May 27, 2011

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the annual SAP SAPPHIRE Conference in Orlando.  This privilege was shared by approximately 12,000 fellow users, clients, strategic partners, and SAP personnel.  One blinding flash of the obvious was the proliferation of mobile devices, and the associated demand for mobile apps interacting with SAP data and Enterprise Resource Programs.

Clearly the workplace for large and small business has now gone mobile, just as personal computing on the consumer side has gone mobile.  Government and military users share in the demand for computing and network access while mobile.  The new Chief of Staff of the Army, General Marty Dempsey, has placed his strategic emphasis on “building the Army from the ground up, starting with the Squad, our smallest and most important front line fighting unit.”  This immediately translates in the IT world to a demand for mobile computing and network access.  Those of us associated with IT security are now challenged to define and solve the security challenges associated with this mobility.  This challenge certainly applies in the military, but also in business for such things as financial, client, and business strategy transactions and data.

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