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Managed Security: CompuCom’s Doing It Right

June 13, 2011

Recently, eIQnetworks posted a new case study around the implementation of SecureVue at CompuCom, a $1.4b managed security services provider (MSSP) firm.  In the world of MSSPs, vendors like CompuCom are carefully watching recent events such as Wikileaks, the Sony and RSA breaches, the Lockheed-Martin attack, and others.  Why?  Because these are the same types of attacks and breaches that can — and at some point, will – be targeted at their infrastructure, which is operated by them on behalf of their clients.  From an attacker’s point of view — regardless of whether that attacker is a malicious Black Hatter, or a piece of malware – managed infrastructure is the same thing as in-house infrastructure.  Because companies like CompuCom manage so many networks, hosts, applications and data for their clients, they become the “greatest common denominator” for many different types of targeted data, including financial and cardholder data, ePHI, and others.  Because they are the first line of defense for their clients’ networks, MSSPs need to have broad visibility into these potential threats before they happen… enter situational awareness.

In CompuCom’s case, the search for a platform to help them discover potentially bad things occuring on their managed clients’ infrastructure began (as many organizations do) with an evaluation of traditional event-oriented SIEM tools.  Like so many of eIQ’s customers, they quickly realized that they needed visibility across far more than log and event-based data, including the ability to see host and device configurations (and changes), network traffic, performance metrics, and so much more.  As importantly, they needed more than just a single console of data “silos” — they needed the ability to correlate all these data elements together.

As a true situational awareness platform, SecureVue from eIQnetworks provides a comprehensive solution for MSSP’s to discover, analyze and respond to potential threats, including today’s most advanced, signatureless APTs.  Without the visibility that situational awareness provides, MSSPs leave their clients — and their data – at greater risk.

You can download the CompuCom case study here.

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