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Call of Duty – Black Hat Ops

July 6, 2011

Embattled Sony Chief Executive Howard Stringer was, it’s being reported, asked, to step down by some shareholders at the company’s Annual General Meeting  yesterday.  The request came in the light of the persistent and much publicized attacks on the company’s networks earlier in the year.  Mr. Stringer is reported to have refused.

This focus on the CEO does demonstrate how information security has gone from being the domain of the security professional to being a c-suite priority in just a matter of months.  Whether it’s external attacks from the likes of Anonymous or LulzSec, a WIkileaks-style insider breach, or an advanced persistent threat in the form of a Stuxnet-like virus, businesses and Government agencies are all petrified that they will be next in the hackers crosshairs and that their current technologies are not up to the job being asked of them.

Replacing executives, security professionals, or existing technologies isn’t the answer – none of these options will stop future attacks from happening.  The problem is far more fundamental than that.  It’s a matter of having reliable real-time intelligence on which to base decisions and take operational decisions. We’ve written many times on this blog about the problem of relying on point SIEM products, and the role that of real-time data correlation in enabling firms to identify complex, multi-faceted attacks against their networks, and how it will provide the situational awareness that firms need in order to be able to repel and minimize the scope [and damage] of an attack.

Isn’t it time you added this weapon to your cybersecurity armory?

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