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Advanced Persistent Threats Will Wait For No Mobile Device

July 20, 2011

We had an interesting conversation with respected wireless industry analyst Jack Gold of J. Gold Associates at the end of last week.  Among the topics we covered were the new breed of advanced persistent threats, the need for continuous monitoring of all network security data and the security challenges posed by a new generation of mobile devices.

The dramatic increase in the use of smartphones and tablets has required many security professionals to fundamentally rethink their security policies. Issues like employees using their own devices [rather than corporate issue ones], a variety of mobile operating systems, and devices using a combination of fixed, wireless and cellular networks are posing all sorts of new challenges for Enterprise Security Analysts.  We agreed with Jack that these addressing these challenges was a top priority for both Enterprises and Government agencies, and that an increasing number of large organizations are quickly realizing that failing to protect their business against modern cyber threats poses a clear and present risk to their long-term prosperity.

Jack and I also discussed the recent Mobile Computing Summit, where I participated in a panel discussion on privacy and compliance.  The term Situational Awareness was on the lips of a large majority of attendees and, while many acknowledged that they needed greater visibility of their security position across their entire network, they still struggled with how to define it.  This must, we agreed, change – and quickly.  Advanced Persistent Threats to Enterprise networks will wait for no mobile device.

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