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Trust No One

July 29, 2011

The Insider threat is nothing new – whether its stealing commercial secrets, providing sensitive security information to other nation states or, as has happened recently, publishing information on sites Wikileaks, the chances of an internal breach has historically been much more likely than an external one.  In recent years, with the dramatic growth of private networks and the public Internet this truism has perhaps been forgotten. The result has been that tackling potential insider threats has slipped down the priority lists of both commercial enterprises and government agencies.

Wikileaks was a long overdue wake up call for everybody within the security industry!

As you would expect many Federal Agencies now have started to take action to resolve this problem.  The most common response is to look at how technology can help them to shore up their defenses. But building taller fences is only part of the solution.  Federal agencies must also resolve security policy and enforcement, network monitoring, legal instruments, and workplace behavior. Unless all of these issues are addressed, anybody intent on taking information out of the agency will simply find the path of least resistance.

Perhaps most important is that all of these areas must be continually monitored, reviewed and revisited on a regular basis.  The threats to an organization, from both inside and outside the organization are changing at an unprecedented rate and policies, technology and processes must be able to adapt accordingly.

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