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2011 – Cybersecurity: what have we learned so far?

August 8, 2011

Back in January we made some predictions about what we thought would be the major threats to Enterprise and Government networks this year and we thought that at the half way point in the year – metaphorically speaking, at least – we’d take a look back at what we predicted, and what has happened so far in 2011.

Our original predictions were:

▪         Stuxnet will get monetized: while there has been no proof that this has happened yet, we still believe it’s only a matter of time!

▪         The Cloud presents a major security headache for large Enterprises, Government Agencies and consumers alike: it’s been widely reported that the hackers who targeted Sony used Amazon’s EC2 Cloud service to access Sony servers suggests we were right to be concerned about this one!

▪         Mobile devices need their own security systems and processes: it is estimated that 62.7 million tablet computers and 372 million smartphone activations will be sold and activated 2011. A large number of will be used on corporate networks [either authorized or unauthorized] and without effective policies to manage mobile devices they post a significant threat to information security.

▪         Wikileaks will be the new model of security: with the likes of Anonymous and LulzSec posting sensitive company, or customer, information to the Internet after a breach has taken place, Wikileaks-style attacks will only continue to grow.

So, what does this mean for the information security community?

▪         The threat from both external and internal attacks to Enterprise networks is perhaps higher than at any time

▪         The Advanced Persistent Threat is REAL

▪         Current approaches to information security are no longer effective

▪         Mobile Devices and Social Networks pose a significant threat – and a major headache for security analysts

▪         Stuxnet WILL be monetized – if it hasn’t already been!

What’s the biggest network security lesson you’ve learned in the first half of the year?


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