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Wikileaks: an insider perspective | Part 1

August 23, 2011

Wikileaks was the ultimate “Chicken Little” event for Federal agencies.

The only difference between Wikileaks and Chicken Little’s experience was that some of the sky had fallen in!

Having been aware there was always an insider threat, the focus in recent years had been protecting against external threats.  Wikileaks was a wake up call.  How did they respond? To be blunt, initially not well. Everybody from the lowest to the highest-level Government executives ran from their offices announcing that the sky was falling in!  It was like a scene from a Lewis Carol novel – meetings about meetings about meetings.  Each meeting participant waving a willing digit to plug the leak – if only they knew where the hole was; by that point, however, it was too late – the dam had been breached.

Frustration mounted because there was no single person to be beheaded!  Not for the commission of the incident but for the lack of prevention thereof.   There was no single place to be fortified and defended to the hilt!

Read Part 2 here

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