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SIEM: May it Rest In Peace

September 20, 2011

Born 1999: Died 2011.

Last week we announced the death of traditional SIEM tools as an effective way to of protecting a large distributed network against modern cyber and insider attacks – and it caused quite a bit of debate! It seems we hit a raw nerve!

Some argued that SIEM implementation was a marathon, not a sprint [ten years might be a sprint in evolutionary terms but in software deployment…], or that SIEM failed to live up to its potential because of poor deployment [tradesmen blaming their tools is commonplace – tools blaming their tradesmen is, however, a new one on us!].

Perhaps it’s time we explained what we mean in a little more detail.  We’ll be addressing each of the points in our original blog post throughout the week.  We’d love to hear what you think.

Read part 1 – ‘When Log and Event Data is Not Enough’ here

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