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iPost therefore I am

October 6, 2011

The new standard for network security?

Last week The Wall Street Journal ran one of the most interesting articles we’ve read about information security for a long time.  It focused on an innovative new approach being pioneered by the State Department, known as iPost, which is the envy of many large Enterprises.

iPost provides is essentially an application that monitors more than 5,000 routers and 40,000 hosts located in 400 US Embassies and offices around the world, and scores them against a national vulnerabilities database.  This ensures that each security analyst to view a real-time consolidated view of their individual network security risk position in order to identify potential vulnerabilities to both cyber and Wikileaks-style insider attacks.

This approach is very similar to the one delivered by eIQnetworks’ SecureVue platform.  We believe that effective network security requires continual monitoring of all network data and the collection and correlation of every piece of information from every network device. Providing analysts with a single pane of glass with which to view it, in real-time, is the only way to enable proactive security because it enables action to be taken to repel or minimize the damage done by an attack while an attack is still taking place.

You can read what the Wall Street Journal wrote here

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