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Have IBM and McAfee finally got into the ‘Magic Bean’ market?

October 14, 2011

A few years ago IBM ran an advert for its eBusiness suite of products that tried to convince the Enterprise IT community that, ‘There Are No Magic Business Beans‘.  With the announcements that IBM is acquiring Q1 Labs and McAfee buying Nitro it appears that both companies have now invested heavily in this commodity – or are, at least trying to persuade customers and prospects to do so.

McAfee wrote on its blog last week that, with its acquisition of NitroSecurity, it could now deliver ‘true situational awareness’.  We’d love to know how.  Simply plugging a SIEM product into its existing security product portfolio won’t do it, so we can only assume that it has something to do with magic beans!   Let us be clear. ePO is an end point management platform, not a Situational Awareness Platform.  In fact ePO is just one another source of data for a situational awareness platform.


It’ll be interesting to see whether McAfee will demonstrate their Situational Awareness Solution at their Customer Conference  (FOCUS 2011) next in Vegas!!!

[Oh, and just so that everybody is clear, we’re firmly of the belief that there are no  magic business beans and SIEM is, contrary to SIEM vendors claims, DEAD!]

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