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Hope Is Not a Strategy

October 19, 2011

Without Situational Awareness this could be your best chance of avoiding an attack

When McAfee announced in a recent blog post that its acquisition of NitroSecurity gave them “true situational awareness” we were – to be honest – a little skeptical.  Why?  Because developing SecureVue, our own situational awareness platform, has taken years of dedicated and disciplined product management and engineering work, organically building a solution from the ground up that is all the things a situational awareness solution needs to be: highly scalable, extremely fast, able to cross-correlate any security data elements, extensible to any type of security data, and delivering this all through a single unified console, to name just a few.  So you can see how surprised we were when McAfee suggested that their end-point management console, ePolicy Orchestrator, could simply become a “situational awareness console” by plugging into it the broad range of disparate products that McAfee has acquired through acquisition over the past several years.

Fortunately, McAfee shed some light on this strategy at this week’s FOCUS event in Las Vegas.  During McAfee’s Partner Summit on Monday, the company addressed the details of how they’re going to deliver situational awareness – a concept that eIQnetworks has been delivering on for several years, and a bandwagon on which everyone from McAfee, to IBM, to niche SIEM players seem to be jumping on these days.  During a review of the McAfee product roadmap, McAfee indicated that they are now planning on delivering situational awareness by… wait for it… 2016.

All their customers have to do until then is avoid APTs, insider threats and advanced compliance requirements, all of which require situational awareness to address!  We’re very pleased that McAfee cleared-up their approach to situational awareness, and we look forward to competing with them when they finally are able to deliver a solution that provides actual situational awareness in another four years.

While that’s great for McAfee, if you’re an enterprise CISO using McAfee products, there will doubtless be a few sleepless nights for you over the next four years; we wish you the best in avoiding these advanced threats that permeate every nook and cranny of technology today.  But, perhaps you’re interested in a solution to these problems today, without hoping that you’ll be the one-in-a-million enterprise that isn’t attacked?  Fortunately, you have an alternative to waiting four years for McAfee to deliver what you need: you could try SecureVue from eIQnetworks.  SecureVue is the industry’s first – and to date, only – security platform delivering true situational awareness, and is used by network security professionals around the world to protecting organizations ranging from global Fortune 500 businesses, to civilian and defense agencies across the federal government.

Like McAfee’s customers-in-waiting, our customers are often up late, too… but in our case, they’re thinking of new ways to use SecureVue’s situational awareness capabilities to gain more visibility into their enterprise – not sweating it out over whether they’ll be the next victim of an attack.

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