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Hot topics in San Francisco.

February 27, 2012

This week we’re blogging from San Francisco for what is one of the most eagerly awaited weeks of in a security professional’s calendar.  While we’re not exhibiting at the RSA or Security BSides shows we’re are in town meeting clients and prospects, so we wanted to take a moment to talk, briefly, about some of the topics we expect to be top of the agenda in the coming days.

  • APTs, or Advanced Persistent Threats, have been around for a while.  There’s been a lot of discussion over what does and what doesn’t constitute an advanced persistent cyber threat but with cyber attackers able to strike almost at will we expect there to be many discussions about how large organizations can protect themselves from APTs.
  • Situational Awareness is something that eIQ has been talking about for years.  It’s the next evolutionary approach to information security that uses tried and tested principles to collect, correlate and make sense of all security data, regardless of where it’s contained: in logs, system state data, network traffic, performance metrics, file integrity or other data – but most importantly, both in event-based and non-event data, which differentiates it from event-focused solutions like SIEM.  This enables security analysts to quickly identify a breach and take steps to repel or mitigate it and minimize the damage it does.
  • Big Data is a challenge that all IT professionals must address in the coming years, but it is perhaps most relevant for security analysts.  As the complexity of information technology systems increases so the potential for understanding what is going on within a network increases.  The challenge of how security professionals can take advantage of big data to protect their networks will, I believe, be a hot topic of discussion in San Francisco this week.

If you want to see how situational awareness can help your organization demonstrate security and compliance contact us via email at or via Twitter on @eIQnetworks while you’re in town to set up a demonstration of our SecureVue platform.

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