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Making Sense of Big Security Data

February 29, 2012

Big data is an important theme in San Francisco this week – as networks become increasing large and complex they create increasing volumes of data.  An average Fortune 100 company is likely to generate around 100 TB of data every year.

This data is valuable  – it can be used to improve the performance of just about every area of IT operations… but only if the organization has the technology to collect, collate, correlate and report it.  For security analysts analysis of the millions of pieces of security data within their environment could help them to repel, or mitigate the impact of a breach by enabling them to obtain actionable intelligence – information that allows them to take the right actions quickly.

While traditional SIEM and SIEM Plus tools may be able to collect security data, they do no allow it to be collected in its native format.  They are also unable to correlate the millions of records in a timescale that enables it to be used effectively.  Existing point SIEM tools leave the majority of the data analysis to security analysts.

To find out how eIQnetworks SecureVue can help you make the most of Big Security Data email us at info@eiQnetworks dot com or via Twitter on at @eIQnetworks.

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