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Compliance Matters for Healthcare IT

May 2, 2012

If you’re in healthcare IT, then I’m probably correct in guessing that one of your top priorities is compliance – whether that’s compliance with HIPAA (and avoiding those nasty increased penalties for HIPAA non-compliance in the HITECH Act), PCI DSS or something else. Of course, if your organization participates in programs for providing healthcare services to civilian or military employees of the federal government – such as FHEP or TRICARE – then you have another compliance worry: information security certification and accreditation (C&A).

The federal government is highly focused on protecting the healthcare data of its employees and military personnel, and simply complying with HIPAA won’t cut it; C&A programs such as DIACAP and FISMA require extensive information security controls, and among the most critical are ensuring that healthcare-related systems are configured in a secure manner, based on federally-developed standards such as DISA’s Secure Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs).

The problem, unfortunately, is that many healthcare IT organizations don’t have a clear understanding of whether their systems are compliant with these detailed DISA STIG standards, let alone any ability to ensure continuous monitoring of these controls (which is critical for both compliance and security).  The problem is there’s no quick and cost-effectively way to obtain this information – or is there?

eIQnetworks is hosting a webinar on Tuesday May 8th designed to help healthcare IT professionals understand how they can quickly audit positional of their enterprise assets against DISA STIG compliance, identify potential vulnerabilities and take steps to bring their environments in line with compulsory  Federal mandates.

To register for the webinar on May 8th at 1pm EDT click here

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