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It’s Time the Enterprise Strikes Back Against Cyber Threats

May 7, 2012

If 2011 was the year of hacktivists and APTs, then 2012 must be the year in which the enterprise strikes back. We’ve been talking about the need for a new approach to protecting large distributed networks for the last 18 months – but now it’s clear we’re not alone in that view. The Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report makes it clear that the current approach of data in silos – where data is collected by point products and then correlated manually – does not work.

Last August, we proclaimed that SIEM, as an effective way to protect a large distributed network, is dead – and everything we’ve seen since then validates that view. Working on the basis that the majority of large enterprises already have the right tools, it’s worrisome that according to the Verizon report, 97% of breaches that occurred in 2011 could have been fixed with only basic or intermediate controls. The traditional approach clearly isn’t working.

With this in mind, we’ve evolved our SecureVue situational awareness platform to make it even more powerful. We’ve listened to our customers and to the market, and we’ve created something that nobody else has – a single platform that gives complete visibility of an organization’s security posture – via a single console – a bit like having Google-style AI glasses to help you protect your environment.

In the new SecureVue, we have:

  • Re-architected the entire platform to deliver faster analysis and greater data granularity
  • Increased the number of traditional point security tools we can work with (including SIEM products), enabling more data to be fed into SecureVue’s powerful forensics engine
  • Developed more APIs for native data collection
  • Increased security data search speeds delivering “Big Data” analysis through the fastest database in the information security industry
  • Improved the scalability of our platform, enabling billions of security records to be searched across thousands of devices in seconds
  • Completely redesigned the user interface
  • Introduced an auto-profiling feature that analyzes large volumes of security data in their native formats to help organizations quickly determine “what’s normal,” without having to establish complex rules and alerts
  • Improved security configuration auditing capabilities through native support for the industry-standard SCAP format
  • Increased the number of compliance reporting templates out of the box, making it easy to demonstrate adherence with regulatory mandates

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be talking about how these features – and others included in SecureVue 3.6 – deliver on the promise of situational awareness in a way that no other technology on the market today can.

For a free demonstration, contact

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